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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Check Ups

I got an Award!
This is a little past due but One of my fellow bloggers gave me an award. I have found so many families out here in the blogging world and I am so thankful to hear that others are enjoying my blog as well. SO, Here's the deal. I got this award and now I will pass it along to a few of my favorite blogs.

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Here are a FEW of my favorites. ( in no particular order)
7. Josh and Jamie
Back to Family Matters
This Friday Ali Paige and Ace had their check ups scheduled. But in the mean time they BOTH decided to get sick. Both had been coughing really bad for a few days and the day of the doctor visit Ali Paige decided to start throwing up. And for you that know her she is AMAZED by VOMIT ( bomit as she says) But not her own. It freaks her out. So she was so upset because she couldn't control it and it just wiped her out. After we finally get in the car and get down the road she does it again and that really upsets her. She thinks she is going to have to go to the hospital and get a shot. NOT REALLY the case this time but sorta. After we pull up at the doctors office she starts in on me. " Are we here for ME???" I told her we were but not because she was throwing up but just to have a check up. She was pretty okay with that. But when she found out she had to TeeTee in a cup she was not so happy about that. She did really good even with the little finger prick that they do. Ace was not as happy though. He screamed as soon as the nurse walked in. Then it came time for the doctor. She said that some of Ali Paige's test showed up abnormal so we are going to retest next week and that Ace needs to see an opthamologist ( not sure if that's how it's spelled) But it's not a regular eye doctor but a more in depth one. I didn't really know that there was a big difference. But she just wants his vision checked a little better. Over all it was a good check up. Both are still really small. Ali Paige in the 5% in weight and 25 % on height. Ace FINALLY made it on the chart. But he just made it to the 5% in weight and 10% in height. After all that it was immunization time. And let me tell ya. I will NEVER do that alone again. I didn't know Ali Paige had such strength in her legs. When the nurse gave her the first shot I though she was going to kick me right on out the door and we still had three more to go. Ace was in the chair screaming from his one shot he got and Ali Paige was hysterical. It was a sight to say the least. But after we left they calmed down. Ali Paige wouldn't walk on her leg for a whole day. You would have thought she broke it if you had seen her. She is still sporting 2 of the band aids. I don't know if all kids are like that but she will come unglued if you try to take one off. We went to the mall today and as we were walking I would snatch one off of her arm just to get it off without her knowing what I was doing and you would have thought I was tearing her arm off. But we got the two off her arms and now we have two more to go. But here are a few pictures from the Doctors office.
Eye exam. She has 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other.

Ali Paige's finger prick.
Look at his face. Then look at the Nurses. He knew what was about to go down.
See I told ya.
They were supposed to be showing their booboo's
Ali Paige showing hers anyway. Below

She was such a big girl. Until it was shot time.

Ace on the other hand was NOT!

They are such a ham for the camera

Ace and Ali Paige being silly as we waited on the shots. If they only knew what was to come.
My new Hair DO!
Not the best picture but you get the idea.

OOPS how'd that sneek in there.

Few pictures of Ace.

These are a few pictures that I took the other day when Ace go tout of the tub and fell asleep in the floor. He just passed out. Yes he was naked but that made it that much more cuter.

Bless his little heart

I wish I could sleep that good.

All sprawled out. And I did put a diaper on him and put him to bed right after this.


Well that's about it for now. We have had a pretty busy week and now it's time to rest. Church tomorrow and hopefully getting some cleaning done around here. It's a disaster. But at least the kids are having fun without all the chores to do.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baseball is OVER!!!!!!! POOL TIME BABY!

First off I want to appologize again for the long wait between posts. I have had some wonderful company. My sister from Kentucky came down and spent the week with us. Then my Dad had a massive heart attck. All is well thanks to the GREAT medical device called an internal defibulator. But I have been trying to get this posted since last Thursday. My computer wanted to be lazy and take FOREVER to upload pictures but after I cleaned it up it is working great now.


Okay Jimmy! A bet's a bet.

After the kids won the first game in Sub-district Coach Jimmy said he would let them shave his head if they won the whole tournament. SO GUESS WHAT THEY DID...Of course they won. And Jimmy held up his end of the bet at well. And Coach Fry piped up and said " Yeah guys and I'll get a MOHAWK" So he had to follow through as well.

5/6 All-Stars barber shop!!

And it begins.......

Preston got his turn.........

They even let Ali Paige get in on the action.

Fry's turn- The before



A stay at the Hotel. Oh boy!!!

We went up on Friday and had a game then instead of driving all the way back home and up again on Saturday we decided to stay in a Hotel. The Davis's ( Bennett) , Fry's ( Dain), Dyer's ( Hayden) , Porter's ( Colby), Bailey's ( Tanner), Jones's ( Hunter ) and The Gegory's ( Preston of course) and then Jeremy stayed with the Bailey's. We all came back Friday got some food. The kids went swimming with the Dad's and the Mom's washed clothes. HMMMM sounds all to familiar to me. Dad's play moms work. But really it wasn't that bad. The Hotel had a laundry area and the moms sat around and talked for a little while. Then it was nightie night time. After we all got up and went down stairs for breakfast everybody got ready and went to Coach Jimmy's room. He got a later check out time so we wouldn't have too much time in between that and the game. So all the kids go to play and enjoy their time together in the Hotel room. Preston even asked me one time if we were still in Alabama. They are so cute. He told me when he was in the outfield he wasn't just playing the game he was talking to God. I told him to chat it up and maybe that'll help us out.

Hotel California ( that's what the kids thought)

Tanner, Colby, Preston, Hunter, and Hayden. They were not to thrilled to be WAITING!!!!!

The boys all ready for game time on Friday night.

Preston and Dain just chilling waiting on time to leave.

Preston serious about the ball game on T.V. I guess he was getting pointers.

I tried to show my pride with the green and gold for the Saturday game ( first loss as a all-star team) BUT I quickly took it off and went back to the coral that I had on there in the first place.

On Saturday July4th, we went to Chuck E Cheese with the guys and let them have a little fun time while we passed the time between check out and game time. They had a blast and then we went for ice cream and drove around til they took a short nap to get ready for the game.

Hayden and Chuck E Cheese.

Preston all serious about this racing game.

Preston and his lollipop that he got with his tokens.

GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we went to Districts and won our first one by 10 runs, Lost the next game, won the next and Lost the last. But over all we did really good. We came in 3rd in District. The team that beat us is the only team that beat us and they did it twice. Most Dixie Youth All-Star teams are made up from several teams where the winning season Coach picks 12 kids that he feels will make a great team. There are 3 alternates this year but nobody knows who they are. All-Stars teams are NOT able to practice before the regular season is over. BUT this McCalla team was a travel team and had been assembled from over 130 kids that the Coach put together in the beginning of the season. They had played 27 games together and had been practicing since March. So they really had an unfair advantage to the rest of the teams there. But never the less we gave them a good game and our guys did really well.


Preston in the line up. Ready for the game.

Preston on first ready to RUN RUN RUN

He did so good this All-Star season. He hit the ball every time and most of the time got at least a double.

Colby in his catcher outfit.He is so cute.

Preston up to bat.

Contact................ Here he comes from third base. RUN BABY RUN! Here he comes.....
And HE SCORES!!!!!!!!

It's all about the "G"Yet another decoration. Showing our support.
Ace was all wore out. I think we all felt that way by this time.
Splish Splash!!!
Well once All-Stars was finally over we got to take a few days of relaxation. We went to the pool on Thursday and Friday. It was so nice. I am glad baseball is over but at the same time I miss all the friends and time Preston got to spend in the spot light. With three kids and two that are young it was so nice to focus on just Preston and enjoy seeing him show his talents. I am so proud of him. I know you've heard that before but I really am. But anyway here are a few pictures from the pool trips.
Josh and Ali Paige's acrobatic show at the pool.

She's going up
I'll give them a 10!
And they all come tumbling down.
Ace finally alone in the pool. Without someone holding him I mean.

Isn't he just the cutest .

Ace throwing the ball against the fence. Entertaining himself pretty much.

There's nothing like a nice cold CocaCola in a glass bottle.
Ace and his sunglasses getting ready for the pool.
Well I hope everyone is having a great Summer. The Gregory's are taking it easy ( what ever that means ) for the next three weeks til school starts. We have had not much time to relax and not worry about going to practice or going to a game so it's about time to enjoy what's left.