Thirty One by LeighAnne

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know it's been a while so we will play catch up

Well I am sorry it's been a while since my last post. We have been non stop with baseball and church and doctors. Not to mention Josh is working and working and working so we have been on the go go go by ourselves. Ready for a vacation. Seriously. All three of the kids have had fifths disease. Not to bad just a lot of itching and serious rash. Looks like poison ivy everywhere. Ace is having some tough Asthma issues. But we are dealing with them. Preston is winding down his first year of school.And (not to brag) but he is scoring extremely high on his tests. I am so proud of him. AND he got saved!!!!!! Waiting on Dad to be off so he can get baptized. I have had some rough headaches but I am going to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully we will get that under control. But I am blessed with some great friends who come to my rescue when they knock me down. But anyway here are a few pictures from this past few days/week.

Preston sitting and waiting on his turn at the kindergarten play. Love the hair.

This week we had a Game on Tuesday. It wasn't in our favor.( OF COURSE) But never the less the little fellas and girls played their hearts out. Still can't blame them for the lack of practice.
Ace and AliPaige showing off their supportive shirts.

Preston Playing the Circle. My big boy

Preston, Ace, AliPaige and Chloe at church sitting under the stairs. All innocent.

. Nana and AliPaige at Preston's play. Of course the Camera died when it came Preston's turn to get up and dance:(

Today ( Wednesday ) AliPaige decided to cut her hair. Well it wasn't very good so I had to make an emergency trip to the Salon. And We ended up losing about 4-5 inches of hair. It was pretty dramatic telling the "Dad" but she sure does look cute with her new hair do.

AliPaige and her new do!!!!!

KP and AliPaige at church tonight

On Tuesday we took Ace to Children's for another opinion. And I ABSOLUTALLY love this doctor. He is Dr. Drew Davis and he is a rehabilitation specialist. He says that he would consider Dr.McCarty's ( Neurologist) diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy accurate considering all that Ace went through after he was born and all the developmental delays. So he is not going to stop until we find out what is going on with Ace and his legs. This is a B*L*E*S*S*I*N*G*!!!! Every other doctor said they couldn't find anything and would just send us home. I am so thankful that I got in touch with this doctor. And I am thankful that Joy Harless referred me to him.We also had a HUGE blessing this week also. On Thursday we had speech therapy and the therapist said that Ace where he should be age wise. So we are going to have him re-evaluated and hopefully discontinue his speech therapy. YEAHHHHHHH! SO EXCITED about that. God is working a miracle in the Gregory house. WHOO HOOO.

Ace and AliPaige were entertaining themselves by looking over the rails to the lower floor while we waited to see the doctor.

Well maybe she wasn't so entertained.
Well that's all for now. Hopefully it won't take as long to post next time.
Have a blessed week.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well let me tell you about the rest of my week.Wednesday after surgery Preston was feeling pretty good so I took him to the school just to see if it would be alright for Preston to ride up to the class Egg hunt at Mrs. Chapmans. And since that was okay we went and got a basket and eggs. But he was feeling fine and so went to church for play practice and ate some good food and that was all for that day.

Thursday morning we get up and go to AliPaige's Easter Egg hunt at her school. We only had time to stay for her little party and then me and Preston left for Mrs. Chapman's house for Preston's egg hunt. AliPaige had a really nice party with a lot of food and goodies. Her friends were all there. And we left Ace so he could enjoy a little hunt himself. Then me and Preston rode up to Mrs. Chapmans house for his party. He really enjoyed it but it took it's toll on Preston and he was pretty wiped out and sore afterwards. Needless to say we went to bed early that night.

Here are a few pictures from that day.....

Preston ( one of AliPaige's classmates) and AliPaige waiting on the egg hunt

All the kids showing their hands that have red dots representing Jesus blood

Miss Lisa right after the story of Easter

Preston got to RIDE to his Easter party with his class

Miss Chapman leading the pack

Preston and Austin just waiting

Will, Austin and Preston resting after their big hunt

Friday was a busy day for me. I took Preston to the Doctor for a re check and Dr. Benoit said he was healing okay but was still very swollen. But after that it was a smooth day I guess you could say. We had an Easter Egg hunt at the church and the kids loved it. After the Easter Egg hunt they heard the story of Easter and the true meaning and then we all go to eat pizza. That night Preston and AliPaige went home with Lindsey and me and Ace got in the bed EARLY before 9;15 BUT I'm so use to going to bed late it took forever to go to sleep.

Here are a few pictures from Friday......

Shellia breaking up all the hard candy for the little ones

Logan Helping AliPaige find some Eggs

AliPaige and her eggs

Preston and Sawyer still looking

Brady and AliPaige always found the same egg

Ace finding eggs

Ace and Chloe trying to find one

Ace and Brady sitting and swinging while the older kids were huntin

Mr. Ricky helping Preston since he couldn't run around like all the other kids

Ace still hunting

Preston counting eggs

Ace passed out from a long day of hunting eggs

Saturday I get an EARLY wake up call from Lindsey ( so much for the sleeping in) it was Preston. He was squalling. He SAID he couldn't sleep but I could tell by his voice he was hurting and I told him to take his medicine. And after I told him to said okay. I called Josh and told him to go get Preston cause he was on his way home anyway. So Preston came home and went back to sleep. I got up early and took Preston to MawMaws and took Ace to the doctor. Which was a story in itself. I just wanted really to have a piece of gravel removed from his hand but he had an asthma attack the day before and I had no idea what it was like for Ace to have one of those so I got the doctor to check him out for that . They came back and said he was wheezing and gave him a breathing treatment and took an x-ray and they found out he has bronchitis induced from Asthma and close to pneumonia. So when we get ready to leave my remote won't work to my car so I call a locksmith to open the door and come to find out I left the car lights on so my battery was dead. It was not looking good for me. I was to be at the church with the kids in an hour. I tell ya the devil was riding my back that day. But I got it together and we made it just in time. Only AliPaige got to go though, Preston was still in a lot of pain. But then we had a good play and came home and dyed Easter Eggs( CATASTROPHE) Let me tell you I don't recommend trying this with three kids by your self. It was stressful and luckily no body got hurt. But cups of pretty colored water and a 2 year old don't go together. But never the less a little after midnight we were done and the kids were in bed for the Easter bunny.

The kids ready to dye the eggs. I promise you this was the only time they looked sweet

Sunday we woke up Early and checked out what the Easter bunny brought and the scurried on to church. Had another wonderful play. Preston actually got to be in this one. And Josh got up and made it to the service to see his babies. The right after church we ran on down to Grandmama's and had a great lunch. and Got to hunt more eggs with Brooklyn. it was a fun time. After that we hurried on to Lorretta's and got to spend just a little time up there and by this time Preston was getting wore down so I left him and Ace there and Me and ALiPaige went back to the church for one last play. And ate supper then came on home. It was a looong week and weekend but I loved it. Here are a few pictures of Sunday

Ace all stretched out. They just didn't know the Easter bunny had already came

Preston's Easter Basket

AliPaige's Easter Basket

Ace's Easter Basket

Sunday we had the Easter Play and it was so touching I wish everyone could have cam out to watch it. Here are a few pictures of what went on. Preston unfortunately was sick 2 out of the 3 performances so he isn't in any of the pictures.

AliPaige running from the camera

Up close

The End where everyone was singing.

We had a very busy week and it wasn't the best by no means but at the End of the Week I realized just how lucky I am to be saved by Jesus and that I am Blessed with such beautiful children and such a loving family.

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend and that they have a wonderful week


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It all happens so fast

Well Yesterday I took Preston to the ENT because I noticed that Preston's tonsils were so large that they were touching. And when we got there the doctor was shocked at how big they were. And because of his snoring with apnea the Doctor recommended Preston have them out ASAP. So that led us to today. We awoke at 5:15 am got ready and dropped off AliPaige at daycare Ace off at Miss Dot and we go into tuscaloosa for his big surgery. Here are a few pictures of our day.
Me and Preston right before we left home
Preston in his pretty gown.
He was trying so hard to be a big boy. And mama was
trying to be a big girl
Daddy did a great job of cheering him up

And the nervousness is back

One of his doctors. Really got him scared.

My sweet baby after surgery in recovery

The ride home and after morphine.
Well it's been a stressful day to say the least. But Preston has been a real trooper ( as long as his medicine is working). The doctor said he had some really big tonsils and would really need to rest, So please pray for a speedy recovery for my sweet man.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Ace was kinda unsure about all this loud noise
They got so stinkin close
And there they go
One all alone but VERY LOUD
The Indians
McKenzie and Preston

Aren't they cute in their little outfits

Preston all posed
From a distance

Well today was a loonng day. Especially after a loonng night. But I had great company and didn't want to go to sleep. Today we got up and went to the ball park for a few pictures. Then came home long enough for some more company and to eat lunch and then off again. We went to the Blue Angel's Air show in Northport. We had so much fun there. I couldn't believe how close they would get and HOW LOUD they were. It actually scared Ace. I think it hurt his ears. He jumped and would just tremble his whole body. And then he'd cry. But it was really neat and I really enjoyed it. After that we went to Northside to watch The Dixie Youth Girls play. and After that we made our stop at Taco Casa. After a lot of screaming from AliPaige and Preston and a lot of Promises to be really good. I agreed to take them there. I was wore out and ready to go home.But now I am here trying to get this all posted and get in the bed. I have a big day tomorrow as well. Looking forward to spending some time with my family and all the kids.

Hope everyone had a great weekend