Thirty One by LeighAnne

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Potty training and new hairdo's

POTTY TRAINIGNG 101--- Here we go

Step one --- Patience is the key

Step two--- Joy after success

And Step three- Check out the end result

New Hair do--again I apologize for the bad photography

Well I finally found my camera charger just after Nikon charged my account for a new one. It's always great timing. But anyway I thought I would try to take a picture of my new hair do. I am not good at taking pictures of myself. But you get the idea. I am trying to go back blonde but my hair is kinda funky. It won't take color. Dark or light. So I have to go in phases. Luckily Lana know's my hair and she never knows what to expect when I come in there. She always knows that I want something different almost everytime I go to the shop. But maybe in the next few weeks I will have a full head of blonde hair that has no red or copper in it.

Also we have embarked on POTTY TRAINING 101. Ace started this himself. He wants to do whatever AliPaige does so when she goes he goes and now he has learned the feelings before you go so he will tell me and we can get to the potty ( Most of the time) Funny story- Last night Preston yells MAMA Ace took his diaper off and something fell out!!!!!!!!!! Well we all know what that " Something " was. But he was trying to get to the toilet. He likes to run around naked and I have learned that this HELPS> He won't pee or poo when he is naked unless he is on the potty. SO if you ever come by and he's naked that's why and sometimes he will actually stand in front of the door. I try to keep that from happening. Cause I'm sure he will cause a scene for passer bys. And for some reason our neighborhood has several of those.
Well that's all for today.
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend

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