Thirty One by LeighAnne

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blog full of Pictures

Well here it is. A blog with NOTHING BUT ICTURES!!!
Preston at the Pool.
Kelly's Graduation

AliPaige at gradutation

Preston recieving his ALL A'S award. GOOD JOB BUDDY!

Ali Paige swimming
Ace in Debbie's pool.

Me and AliPaige at Mom's day at Pre-K

My little munchkin. Ain't he a cutie?

The Three Stooges. Austin, Preson and Dain.
Senior Day for Softball
Ali Paige at Pre-K
Ali Paige and Andrew at the Montgomery Zoo

Ali Paige SAYS this is her Boyfriend Ethan. But I'm not to sure what Ethan thinks about that.

Ace's first fishing trip. He did NOT like it at all!

Kell's Senior Prom 2010

Preston's Baseball Jamboree 2010

We had a Trip to Huntsville Hospital for an MRI
Ali Paige's FIRST DAY of Pre-K
Preston and his BEST BUDDY Austin.

AliPaige had about 6inches of her hair cut

Sad to see it go BUT MAN SHE IS A CUTIE!

Before Bathroom update
After update. I LUV IT!
AliPaige with her curls.
That's all Folks

I know I know it's been forever and a day since you've heard from me...

I know I have been MIA for a while but I have GOOD reason. I have been super busy with school, baseball and THREE kids. Not to mention the fact I have a SENIOR in this house. And let me tell ya. Senior stuff at the end of the school year is outta control. But I am loving my life as sister, mommy, and WIFE.

I just came across the blogsite and she has the CUTEST give aways on here. If you get a minute go check it out.

Since I have been on here I have started selling Thirty One.

I have a personal website to my own Thirty One shopping spot. It is Please go check it out and make yourself a wish list. Then book a party and you can earn free bags. I had a party in April and I recieved over $100.oo worth of stuff. I fell in love with the products and the rest is history. I will post some pictures on here soon cause I know that the blog isn't fun unless you get to see what's been going on. But to be honest it would take a year to show you everything you have missed. But I'll try.

Well I gotta go . Check out the two websites above and HAVE A VERY BLESSED DAY!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick Post for a Great Cause

Okay so this has been a while and I am sure you may be wondering what the picture above is about. Well DCH has a fundraiser called "Bra's for the Cure" for breast cancer. 157 bra's were turned in and now it's time to vote. Mama and I worked on ours one Saturday ALL day. She was feeling good to start with but kinda got a little run down and then after a nap she was back to feeling well enough to start up again. I posted a few pictures of our bra's that we decorated. There will be three 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes given due to the amount of participants. So please PLEASE go vote. There is a web site at the bottom you can go to to help out. Here are our entries........

Title- Surviving
Wig- $200.00
One round of Chemo- $6,600
Surviving- Priceless

Title- Bama Boobs
"Ellie says stomp out Breast Cancer
Press her nose to hear her shout."
and when you press her nose she roars like a elephant.

Tamekia Rancher's
Title - National Cele BRA tion!

Okay so now that you saw those go to this web site HERE and VOTE. I know there are far better ones to choose from than mine but I promise I have good intentions for the prize IF by chance I were to win.

Also the third bra you saw is by a lady whom I have never met named Tamekia Rancher. She sent her bra in the day I went to the Cancer Center Boutique to find Mama a wig. And I found her on Facebook when she posted a picture of it. We began to talk on there and she has been so generous that if she was to win she said she would donate the gift card to Mama.

So PLEASE I beg you go to the website and VOTE. Votes cost $1 a piece with a 10 vote minimum online. But who can't skip $10 between now and Feb. 26th.

Thank you in advance:)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Normal? What's that?

Okay so it's been a long time once again since I have been on here. Sorry. It's been a little busy here lately. With the kids out of school for Christmas and then attempting to try and get into a routine once they went back. It's just been a little out of whack around the Gregory house. The kids have all been pretty good. With the exceptions of the runny noses and occasional coughing her and there.

Mama has started her Chemo. She actually had her second treatment last Wednesday. She's doing pretty good with them. They do make her really tired and weak a few days afterwards. She has 4 more treatments to go then they will start radiation. She will have treatments 5 days a week for 7 weeks. Which isn't that great because it takes her over an hour to get there and then another trip back home but she said she'd do what ever it takes to get better. It's frustrating for me to see her have to go through this and there isn't a thing I can do. I hate to see her sick and tired. And then we went shopping for a new " hair do" on Monday. She has one now that looks good but I'm not use to the short hair just yet. And I know she's not feeling that great about losing her hair either but it's a sign that the chemo is at work. And that's just how we have to look at it. Yes it is an actual sign you can see that cancer has affected her and it is sad to see it but at the same time I have to think that God's grace is sufficient and He will give all the strength and love that we need through this. She will be carried when she can do it on her own and so will I. I am curious to see what her new hair will look like once it comes in. I'm praying that she will not get to sick from the chemo and that this will hurry up and go by quickly. I'm ready to get the test results that say " It's ALL gone!" To be done and over with.

Well I am going to leave you with a few random pictures from Christmas because what is a blog with no pictures:)

Ace getting ready to go to Grandmama's.
Preston lost his first tooth the day after Christmas!
Preston's Santa stash. ( Complete with a letter telling him to look outside for his last present.)

Ace's goodies.

And of course AliPaige's presents.

My brother came to visit for Christmas and this is Me, Kelly, and Trent.

Preston's last present.

This is how he fell asleep in my lap the night before Christmas as I was finishing up some work on the computer.

Our sweet little Christmas Tree. Minus the bow. Had to get my mother in law to fix one up for me.

And Preston's 7th Birthday Party.
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New year. I hope I will be back on here again before the next little munchkin has a birthday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

There is a reason this time.,,,,,,,,

Okay, I know it has been weeks since my last post. And there is a TON of pictures and events that have happened since but there is a reason this time. In the middle of November my mother noticed there was something that has not been there before. In a matter of 2 weeks we were given the diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Yes CANCER. As difficult as it is to hear those words we have been keeping our focus on the positive and keeping the Faith that our God doesn’t give us trials for sorrow to set in but for a greater reason. And I personally have grown closer to him for this very reason. I was not ready to deal with anyone in my family to have the “C” word and there for a long time I couldn’t even tell people that my Mama had it. I would tell them she had some test and they came back positive but I couldn’t say those words “ Mama has Cancer”. After the surgery I felt a little better because it was out. Yet I am still a little concerned because it was an aggressive type and due to the size she will undergo Chemo and Radiation. She will begin this process next week. I will do my best to keep you all informed of her progress but I may be MIA for a time or two just as this last little delay in posting.
But I do want to share with you all what took place on Thursday December, 4th 2009. I thought I would wear pink to show my mama support. Then I decided to call her work and see if they wanted to participate. Well of course they did because they are a wonderful group of people who wanted to show her that they were thinking of her to. I mentioned it on face book as well and the next thing I know there were people everywhere sharing that they would be wearing pink in honor of my mother to help show their support to. So I decided to have a “Silent Support “Mission. I took pictures and I received pictures from so many people all over Alabama and in different states as well. And I printed them all out and put them in a photo album for Mama. I gave it to her on December the 7th the day after her surgery. She was overwhelmed at all the people who took the time to show love for her. It was a very emotional journey from the very beginning and I am still so happy that so may participated and that I was able to give her this. Here are a few pictures of the day. I hope you all enjoy.

12/ 04/09

Nana and Ace and AliPaige

Brandy Kizziah

Amanda and Ben Snipes

Miss Carie and her little girl McKenzie at the Carrollton Pre-K




Amanda and Callie Burns

Allie Easterling

Angela Easterling

Cougers in Jasper

Katie Kirk

Libby Hankins showing her support from Childrens Hospital in B'ham.

The Bryants in North Alabama.

Angie in Mobile

Little miss Ave Fair

Jennifer and Gracie Elmore

Emily Morgan Grimes ( notice she even has a pink lunch box)

Shannon Peeks Thompson


Kilah in her Gap shirt

AliPaige loves her Silent Supporter shirt.

Sweet Sweet Carol.

Mrs. Barbra in the revenue commisioners office

Kimberly Fair at The Piggly Wiggly

Phil at West Alabama Bank and Trust in Carrollton

She will be a SURVIVOR!
We have HOPE because we have a God that works MIRACLES everyday.

Ladies upstairs in the courthouse

Taterz crew and Jenn P. in Pink
Hazel Brasher in Pink

Ava Keating
Laura Stronge

Jennifer Elmore's Pink Purse for the day

Dad with his pink ribbon

Logan Snipes

Baby Mallory

Roxi ( Carmen Parkers cat) sporting the pink
Mindi Lee

Pre-K in Carrollton in Pink

Mirand Hudson

Baby Peyton Brownlee

Steven Brownlee

Staci with her pink scrubs and ribbon.

Austin and Andrew Easterling

Stewart wearing his Strength bracelet

The Brownlees

Well that's all for the pictures for now. I know I have a lot to catch up on and hopefully I will get some pictures from the past month up on here soon. I hope everyone has had a wonderfull Holiday season so far. And I pray that everyone remembers the real reason for Christmas. It's not about the presents and food. It a celebraton of Jesus's birthday. And Birthday's are to be spent with Family. So keep your loved one's close and always remember that Jesus loved us unconditionally.