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Monday, December 14, 2009

There is a reason this time.,,,,,,,,

Okay, I know it has been weeks since my last post. And there is a TON of pictures and events that have happened since but there is a reason this time. In the middle of November my mother noticed there was something that has not been there before. In a matter of 2 weeks we were given the diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Yes CANCER. As difficult as it is to hear those words we have been keeping our focus on the positive and keeping the Faith that our God doesn’t give us trials for sorrow to set in but for a greater reason. And I personally have grown closer to him for this very reason. I was not ready to deal with anyone in my family to have the “C” word and there for a long time I couldn’t even tell people that my Mama had it. I would tell them she had some test and they came back positive but I couldn’t say those words “ Mama has Cancer”. After the surgery I felt a little better because it was out. Yet I am still a little concerned because it was an aggressive type and due to the size she will undergo Chemo and Radiation. She will begin this process next week. I will do my best to keep you all informed of her progress but I may be MIA for a time or two just as this last little delay in posting.
But I do want to share with you all what took place on Thursday December, 4th 2009. I thought I would wear pink to show my mama support. Then I decided to call her work and see if they wanted to participate. Well of course they did because they are a wonderful group of people who wanted to show her that they were thinking of her to. I mentioned it on face book as well and the next thing I know there were people everywhere sharing that they would be wearing pink in honor of my mother to help show their support to. So I decided to have a “Silent Support “Mission. I took pictures and I received pictures from so many people all over Alabama and in different states as well. And I printed them all out and put them in a photo album for Mama. I gave it to her on December the 7th the day after her surgery. She was overwhelmed at all the people who took the time to show love for her. It was a very emotional journey from the very beginning and I am still so happy that so may participated and that I was able to give her this. Here are a few pictures of the day. I hope you all enjoy.

12/ 04/09

Nana and Ace and AliPaige

Brandy Kizziah

Amanda and Ben Snipes

Miss Carie and her little girl McKenzie at the Carrollton Pre-K




Amanda and Callie Burns

Allie Easterling

Angela Easterling

Cougers in Jasper

Katie Kirk

Libby Hankins showing her support from Childrens Hospital in B'ham.

The Bryants in North Alabama.

Angie in Mobile

Little miss Ave Fair

Jennifer and Gracie Elmore

Emily Morgan Grimes ( notice she even has a pink lunch box)

Shannon Peeks Thompson


Kilah in her Gap shirt

AliPaige loves her Silent Supporter shirt.

Sweet Sweet Carol.

Mrs. Barbra in the revenue commisioners office

Kimberly Fair at The Piggly Wiggly

Phil at West Alabama Bank and Trust in Carrollton

She will be a SURVIVOR!
We have HOPE because we have a God that works MIRACLES everyday.

Ladies upstairs in the courthouse

Taterz crew and Jenn P. in Pink
Hazel Brasher in Pink

Ava Keating
Laura Stronge

Jennifer Elmore's Pink Purse for the day

Dad with his pink ribbon

Logan Snipes

Baby Mallory

Roxi ( Carmen Parkers cat) sporting the pink
Mindi Lee

Pre-K in Carrollton in Pink

Mirand Hudson

Baby Peyton Brownlee

Steven Brownlee

Staci with her pink scrubs and ribbon.

Austin and Andrew Easterling

Stewart wearing his Strength bracelet

The Brownlees

Well that's all for the pictures for now. I know I have a lot to catch up on and hopefully I will get some pictures from the past month up on here soon. I hope everyone has had a wonderfull Holiday season so far. And I pray that everyone remembers the real reason for Christmas. It's not about the presents and food. It a celebraton of Jesus's birthday. And Birthday's are to be spent with Family. So keep your loved one's close and always remember that Jesus loved us unconditionally.

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