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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Sorry for the delay inbetween the posts. It's been wild around here. Josh has been helping his mom set up her business in the yard. She will open up her own Floral Shop. This is something she has been wanting for a long time and I am glad she is finally getting to do this.

Also one of our family friends (See picture above) lost her husband due to an accidental gun shot. So I have been putting together a fundraiser to help with finances. He had no life insurance or burial policy. He was only 31 and I have heard it a million times you need to have these things but when we are young we don't think we need one. The family has to pay the entire funeral cost out of pocket. She had 3 days to come up with the money and needless to say it didn't happen. She is trying to cope with this loss and comfort her children at the same time. And now she has this burden. She recently quit her job as a Florist because of a disagreement with her boss. And so that just makes it ten times worse. Loss of a Husband, Funeral expences, and now NO income. But I put together this fundraiser selling BOston Butts to help her family in the next month or so. They are $25.00 and will be ready on November 19th. If anyone is interested please call me. 205-799-6086. I had to sell a minimum of 40 for Bottom feeders to smoke them. Well I met that goal in 12 hours of selling. But after the first day the sales have slowed way down. I really want to be able to bless this family with something to take a burden off of them. So if you are able to help please contact me.She will recieve a card with all the names of teh people who donated money or bought a boston butt. I just think it's appropriate for her to see just how many people God used to show her love and compassion.

Also it was Halloween this past weekend and of course the kids have been so excited about this. They all were so hyper BEFORE we left the house to go to Trunk or Treat in down town Gordo. The kids got to go from car to car getting lots and lots of goodies.Later that night we had a lock in at the church for school aged kids. It was a blessing to say the least. There were 12 kids that were saved. The youth did an amazing job on a drama that really let the kids to understand just how black and white death is. You are either saved or your not. You never know when your time is up and if your not saved it's too late to ask Jesus in your heart. There were kids lined up and in rooms just waiting to talk to the youth minister and other counselors. It was truely amazing and I was so fortunate to be a witness to this. God is so good!

And then Saturday we went around to all the families to show off the kids and let them get MORE candy. I am sick of candy right now. But the kids are loving it.

Here are a few pictures of the past weekend.

AliPaige all dressed and ready to take over the town.

Looks like someone got the camera!!!

The kids and Grandmama

All loaded up and ready for some " Trick or Treating"

Hunter and Preston at teh church Lock in. Don't you just love it when people try to jump in your pictures>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<
My sweet Genie. In her words " A pink barbie Genie"

AliPaige, Summer, and Jordan FINALLY OUT AT 2 AM!

Preston and Hunter asleep under the pew.

This is Ace and Will Jackson scoping out all the people with candy.

I know this one is blurry but it was really cute when I took it.

This was AliPiage and Faith in the costume contest. Neither won but they were the cutest to me!

Ace and Faith. Noah and AliPaige

This is Preston with his G.I. Joe face on and ready.

Ace kept saying " he needed to take his tail off." Not so comfortable in the car seat.
~~~~ I ~DREAM~OF~ GENIE~~~

Happy Halloween!!!!

My new hair do! It's my Fall color. Yes is it dark brown. No it was not part of my costume:)

This past Sunday while I was at church I received a voice mail from my step Dad Franklin saying that he was on his way to the ER. Possible blood clot in his leg. ( The good one, not the one he just had removed) Well not long after I got that message I got a phone call from him and mama saying he has a blood clot that begins in his groin and runs all the way to his foot. OKAY , UMMMM How was this not caught before it got that large? He was told he could either go home or stay in the hospital for a week. He is on strict bed rest and is having lab work and daily shots of blood thinners. If any of this clot breaks off it could be devastating. And I know that God is going to take care of him. He has had this clot building for quite some time now and if it hasn't broken off yet I think that this is going to show just how Almighty God is. Please pray that Franklin will have the patience to lay still for a week. He has 3 more days to go. Pray that the medication works with no complications. Thanks for all the prayers.
Well that's all for now.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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