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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick Post for a Great Cause

Okay so this has been a while and I am sure you may be wondering what the picture above is about. Well DCH has a fundraiser called "Bra's for the Cure" for breast cancer. 157 bra's were turned in and now it's time to vote. Mama and I worked on ours one Saturday ALL day. She was feeling good to start with but kinda got a little run down and then after a nap she was back to feeling well enough to start up again. I posted a few pictures of our bra's that we decorated. There will be three 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes given due to the amount of participants. So please PLEASE go vote. There is a web site at the bottom you can go to to help out. Here are our entries........

Title- Surviving
Wig- $200.00
One round of Chemo- $6,600
Surviving- Priceless

Title- Bama Boobs
"Ellie says stomp out Breast Cancer
Press her nose to hear her shout."
and when you press her nose she roars like a elephant.

Tamekia Rancher's
Title - National Cele BRA tion!

Okay so now that you saw those go to this web site HERE and VOTE. I know there are far better ones to choose from than mine but I promise I have good intentions for the prize IF by chance I were to win.

Also the third bra you saw is by a lady whom I have never met named Tamekia Rancher. She sent her bra in the day I went to the Cancer Center Boutique to find Mama a wig. And I found her on Facebook when she posted a picture of it. We began to talk on there and she has been so generous that if she was to win she said she would donate the gift card to Mama.

So PLEASE I beg you go to the website and VOTE. Votes cost $1 a piece with a 10 vote minimum online. But who can't skip $10 between now and Feb. 26th.

Thank you in advance:)


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