Thirty One by LeighAnne

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Tuesday ??? RIGHT

Well today feels like a Monday when I use to work. I had to get up extra early and get all three kids ready and drop one off at school and another with a friend and another at Pre-k. Then off to the dentist I go. I came upon a wreck that had just happened and only one cop car was there. As I began to look I noticed the mangled car in the trees with only 3 or 4 people looking on. As bad as the car looked I thought maybe the only lady standing there was the driver and she was just looking on at the damage done. Then as I approach Northport I began to see fire chiefs and rescue vehicles coming but only one ambulance. So I just thought that maybe it was not as bad as I had originally thought. But I was terribly mistaken. On my way home from the dentist I saw the car on a wrecker and realized that only by the grace of God could someone possibly make it out. The car was a red Camaro (convertible) and it was flattened. Right at that moment I knew that whom ever it was was no longer with us. I received a call not even a minute later from my mother telling me that it was Dr. Shelia Nichols from Reform. I didn't personally know her but I had alot of friends who did and they all only had good words to say of her and that she was a Godly woman. SO I ask for you to pray for this lady's family as they try to cope with this tragedy.
After I returned to Gordo I picked up AliPaige and went to my dear friend Angela's and had a great day just spending time with her and the kido's. Then back to the normal life for me. Josh is off to work and I just fed the kids and they are running around getting their energy out before night time. I hope tonight we can all sleep a little better than last night. I tackled all three in the bed with me and AliPaige likes to sleep sideways and so does Ace, Preston Kicks terribly and snores so it was a pretty restless night.
We did however find out that Preston will be one the same baseball team with his buddies Jack, Sawyer, And McKenzie. So that will be enjoyable for him and me so I will have someone to talk to during the games.

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