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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well so far we have had a pretty exciting week. These are a few pictures I have taken so far.This was Sunday night AliPaige was helping pass the time while he did his breathing treatment. I thought it was sweet.
She was reading the princess book to him.
He finally acted interested.

On Monday we had Splish Splash Day at the school with Preston's class from noon till 2pm. The kids really had a lot of fun. They had two blow up slides and several other water activities for the kids and Preston's cousin Taylor was there playing baseball with the kids.

Preston and Taylor

Preston and Lane

Preston and Sawyer

Preston right off the first slide of the day.

Preston and Suzanna up on the slide ready to go down!
On Tuesday I had a hair appointment. So I have a before and after picture. Preston also had a game but I didn't make it thanks to these wonderful headaches. AHHH you got to love the change in the weather.

Before After
Okay I couldn't help it. You always see in those hair magazines the before pictures look like they are taken at 3am and that they are a DUI mug shot picture. Luckily for you folks I had a horrible headache and it actually looks like I could pass for a 3 am DUI mug shot. But sorry not that interesting. After getting the kids dropped off and getting my hair done I really had a nice headache because there were three perms going on right around me at the beauty shop. HOW SMELLY!! But I really like my hair and after a trip to the Med Center South my headache is long gone. And I am ready for the rest of the week.
Wednesday was really exciting and sad all in one. It was Preston's last day of kindergarten. He had his award ceremony and then we went to his room one last time to gather all his things and tell Mrs. Chapman good bye. It's really tough though. It seems just like yesterday we were in her room for registration and then I was meeting Angela, Holly and Brandy up at Roosters for breakfast. Then we all cried as we walked our little men to class for the first time. Then today it was kinda the same little walk. As we walked out of the classroom down to our cars knowing that our kids are no longer the babies at school. And that the next time they are "OUT" of school they will be LEGAL!!!!!! That is scary. It's sad cause I really don't want my kids to grow up in this world. It not all roses out there. But hopefully these kids will change the future. And it will be much better than it is now. I really hope that from now on we are blessed with an amazing teacher like Mrs. Chapman. It breaks my heart knowing that he can't have her every year. She has set the bar HIGH for the rest of the teachers at GES. I know that she truly cares for those kids and she pushed them to their limits to learn as much as possible. I just HOPE AND PRAY ( seriously) that my other two children will get her. I hope she hangs in there for 4 more years that way Ace could get her. But I know I can't pick and choose who I get for my kids. But I am so proud of Preston for all the accomplishments he made this year and I know he is ready for 1st grade and that he will always make me proud and never let me down. He is a smart kid and I hope he stays that way.

Preston, Mrs. Chapman and Austin

Hayden,Austin, Tanner, and Preston all acting silly as they part ways on the last day of kindergarten

They look so serious don't they

Big Mama and Preston on the last day of school

Me and my Preston

Preston and Mrs. Chapman

Preston and his certificate from Kindergarten

Up Close
Well that's all I have so far this week. I guess that's enough. But I hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly as the first has ( except for the headache). I hope everyone has a great week and weekend and everyone traveling please be careful.

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