Thirty One by LeighAnne

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New day New problems or just new ordeals

Tuesday, May 5th 2009

Ace and his serious face
AliPaige all Ready to Leave the house to go to the ball game

Preston getting his first hit of the game

AliPaige just being Miss Priss

AliPaige and Spencer and Random Kid playing while we were waiting one the game to start

Hope Perrigen with Ace on his Monkey leash

AliPaige stole the camera and took a few pictures

She took this one of herself

AliPaige took this one to

AliPaige not to happy about having her picture taken

It's been kinda crazy around here today. AliPaige didn't sleep at all last night. She tossed and turned and ran from her couch to mine. If she kept vomiting or didn't teetee until midnight she had to go to the hospital. But she did teetee at 9. So luckily we didn't have to go but she was still throwing up this morning so we were on the phone with the doctor's office all morning long back and forth trying to decide what to do. And then all of a sudden at 3:30 pm she decided to take a turn for the better and was back to her old self again. She is at full speed ahead but she won't really eat or drink much. But I am soo glad she feels better. But I am going to keep her home tomorrow until church. I don't think she is contagious or anything by no means but just to be safe. It's been a rough three days and I hope that it is OVER. And on top of that Josh got a phone call when he got up getting ready for work saying that they had to shut down the plant. Okay I am about ready to blow Hunt Oil up myself. I am ready for my hubby to be home again. It's been tough around here with ball practice, ball games, sick kids, cleaning, cooking, and just daily life with three kids. Lord know I wasn't cut out to be a single mom.
Well that's about how my day has been today . I pray tomorrow goes better. Atleast I get to go to church and that's ALWAYS a blessing. The kids enjoy it and it's a blessing for me. I get the good word of God and good fellowship. I pray that everyone stays well at
the Gregory House. And I hope that the rest of the week gets better.
Today is also my Grandmothers 71st birthday so we are sending up some birthday wishes to her. Love you Grandmother. You are gone but not forgotten. Your memories live on. Love you so much.



Ginger said...

Amen sister, Hunt oil is on
my s#!* list. Hope everybody feels better soon. Love ya.
- Ginger

Jamie said...

Glad that she is feeling better.