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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Blessings of Mine

Well I don't have much to tell that went on this week so I just thought I would share a few random pictures of the kids.
Of course the one to your left is on me. One the way to church this morning we were waiting on Josh. ( Blessing #1 - Josh home from work this weekend)
(Blessing #2 little miss Priss herself) I really thought I would catch her off guard last night. I held the camera over my seat on the way home from Columbus to snap a quick picture but you can't catch her by surprise. I just hate I didn't get her whole head

(Blessing #1-Josh repeat)
It's Okay Josh it's a BABY. We had three of them. This one is old enough to hold his head up. He won't hurt you.
Just kidding. I don't think Josh really wanted his picture taken. But he got it anyway. He was holding baby Griffin Hudson. We had a nice little dinner at the Mexican Kitchen Last night with the Hudson's.

(Blessing #3- Baby Griffin) Gifts from God. They come way to rare these days.
Isn't this baby just the cutest. He was so sweet during supper. Ace kept saying "baby baby baby" til I moved him over by him. But he is so cute and he was really good.

Blessing # 4- Ace
Splish Splashling in a puddle with his rain boots in the parking lot. He had a good ole time in this tiny little pool of water.

See I told ya. He just kept on and on and on.

Blessing #5- Preston.
This is at last nights Game. I was so proud of him.
They didn't win. Of course. We are really getting use to that. BUT all of our players hit the ball and we had a total of 13 points which is more than any we have had at any other game this season. Our team has come a long way

Blessing #4 Ace- repeat
We went to the doctor this week and they want to try to put Ace on breathing treatments twice a day and another medicine at night time. It is frustrating to drag out the nebulizer again but it beats him having to be on prednisone. He actually sat there and did this treatment all by himself. Like a big boy

Blessing #2 AliPaige- repeat
She just looked to cute not to take a picture of.

Ace found the lipstick oops!!!!!!!

This is Preston at his Play. Angela took this picture and I just stole it from her. Of course you remember my camera died when it was time for Mrs. Chapman's class to get up and to their part but I stole this picture from Angela and if I can get any more Believe me I will. ;)
That's all I have for now I will have more next week. I hope you all have a blessed week.

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Ginger said...

ALL these kids are cute but that Hudson baby sure is precious! HA
- Gin