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Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Well I know once again it's been another long time between posts. But I am learning just how busy your life gets with a teenager. But I am also so blessed by God for allowing me to have this opportunity to bring my sister in my home. She has been such a wonderful addition to our home. When she moved here I was able to share with her all the wonderful things God has blessed me with and also introduced her to our church family. They took her in as one of their own. She has blended in just fine. She has made such wonderful friends and they have witnessed to her and three and a half weeks ago she gave her life to God. I felt like it was another on of my children when she talked to me about it. I cried like a baby afterwards I felt like maybe I had a little influence on that and that God was able to shine through me into her. And I am so proud of the decisions she has made. This past Sunday she was baptized.Of course it was a big day. My dad had the chance to come down from Denver. Just a coincidence though. He was coming on this weekend anyway but it just fell into place.My mom also came to support her and my Grandmama and Uncle Mike were also there. And the WHOLE football team was there so she had a little more to be anxious about. But what a testimony to show those guys. The church was packed. No seats anywhere. They had to bring in extra seats to place in the isle to accommodate everyone. But I am so blessed to have this wonderful family.
Kelly's Baptism August 23rd 2009

These are just a few snap shots from Dad's camera. If it comes up missing Dad I swear I don't know where it's at. just don't look in my purse. Just Kidding. Although I would love to have it I guess I will wait til I hit the lottery to get my own.

Ali Paige just chillin on the couch

Me and Kelly at Mexican Kitchen. My all time Favorite place to eat

AliPaige on the phone. We are training her right.

Preston and AliPaige at the Mexican Kitchen

AliPaige in the Car on the ride to Columbus

Friday Night departing the house ( little blurry but Josh was driving )
I LOVE this picture. Preston doing his timeline.
Ace and his cute self
Look her hair looks like Mommas in the morning
Josh asking me how to cook. What was he thinking?
Come on Kelly you could smile
Well folks that's about it. Ace had special instructions therapy last week and it's going pretty smoothly. We have speech therapy today and then we are still waiting on the Neurologist to call back about his appointment with the orthopedic specialist in Huntsville. Hopefully they will get him in soon. AliPaige was a little devastated when she wasn't able to start school this year but we have her on a waiting list at the pre-K in Carrollton so let's all pray someone will drop out. She has all her supplies and backpack just waiting to be used. And Preston is doing really good in school so far he loves his classmates and his teacher is doing a really good job with them and I am happy with who he got now. I was unsure of her at first just because I had not heard of her from anyone before and I didn't know much about her but she is super sweet and she seems to be enjoying our boys so far.
I hope everyone has a blessed week. And hopefully I will be updating you sooner than later.

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