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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello there my friends

Well I guess it's about time to play catch up again. I will admit it's been kinda crazy around my house. We took Ace to the Neurologist and He said that Ace is still having spastic muscles in his legs so we are going to another orthopedist in Huntsville. Then last Friday he was running in the house and fell ( not uncommon ) but this time a HUGE knot popped out on the side of his head and turned black and purple. He kept on crying and then vomited and just passed out. So we went to the ER and he had a severe concussion. Just another reason we have to stay on top of his leg issues. He's clumsy but he just has more than normal accidents.
Last Wednesday I got a call saying one of our family friends( who we go to church and also played all stars with Preston. Preston adores Sawyer , I love his mom Susan and Josh loves his Dad Ricky. They are really truly some wonderful people that I am glad we have gotten to know) ( WAYYY OFF TRACK SORRY) But anyway Sawyer had had an accident. He and his twin brother and sisters were riding on a trailer hooked to a four wheeler driven by their dad. They were going down a hill and it got kinda bumpy and the trailer came unhitched. Rickey slammed on the brakes to try and get the trailer to slam into the four wheeler but it turned. The tongue of it dug into the gravel and catapulted ( Ricky's words) the kids into a brier patch. And Sawyer's leg got stuck into the mud and the trailer hit him. It broke the lower part of his left leg and both bones were twisted at a 180 degree turn. When I got that call my stomach just dropped. When I hear of children being injured it tears me up. So we go to the Emergency Room in Columbus ( where Susan was working) and as I began to walk down the hall to find his room I see this beautiful face between two curtains. And it was sweet Sawyer. He was laying in his bed with a scratched up face. He had a good dose of pain medicine going so he wasn't hurting. He never once cried while we were in the room except when his mom told him that he couldn't eat. He was starving but to do the surgery he couldn't eat. After surgery he had 4 pins running through both bones from one side of his leg to another. And rods that connected the pins to stabilize his bones. It was way too bad of a break to just add rods to the bones internally. They casted over everything so he won't be able to mess it up. He will have that for 6 weeks then go back and have surgery to remove all that and have a normal cast for 4 more weeks. We visited him today and he is just an amazing little boy. He had such good spirits. He was smiling when we got there and he was being moved from his wheelchair to the couch bed. He will be in the wheelchair because he cannot put ANY weight on it while he has the pins and rods. But he does have a walker and crutches. But I just can't believe what a tough little man Sawyer is. Here are a few pictures of today.
He loves his wheelchair
Such a cute little man. Tough little man.
AliPiage actually looks like she's crying but she was laughing

My Little princess and her sunglasses.On our way back to the house.

My mo hawk boys

Me and my younger sister Kelly. Just thought I would throw that in there for ya.

This little picture below is a phenomenon. ALL THE KIDS ASLEEP IN ONE BED!! And not mine. Preston went down first. Then AliPiage followed behind him and Ace just jumped in with them. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even tell them to do it. But I promise it hasn't happened every night since.

Well it finally happened. On July 25th AliPaige FINALLY had her birthday party. Cause as most of you know it had been her birthday EVERY DAY since July the 6th. Cause it's not over til you have a party. Here are a few pictures from the event.

AliPaige looking cool in her bikini, sunglasses and balloons.
It's a Luau Party. Whoo HOO!
This is AliPaige's Birthday COOKIE. Which by the way was a hit. There wasn't any left. I thought I would be able to have a little the next day but not the case.
AliPaige and Miss Caroline Hudson. They had so much fun.

AliPiage and her cookie. She was ready to dig in.
About time!!!

AliPaige and Ace. Look at Ace's plate. A piece of cookie and 2 cheese puffs. That is all that was on there.
The girls trying to get Caroline up like a cheerleader.
AliPaige and one of her gifts.
One more.
AliPaige and her Princess Crown.
Ace and Kelly.

And on that last picture. We would like to announce the Gregory house is no longer a household of 5. We are a family of 6. My 17 year old sister from Kentucky came to live with us last week. It is a blessing and we are truly blessed with her decision to come live with us. She is enrolled in school and will be graduating from the same school as her older sisters. Now if I can get use to having a teenager in the house. I know how to deal with a 6,4,2 yr old but not 17. She is not a problem child so that is a blessing in it's self.
Anyway I hope everyone had a blessed weekend.

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