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Monday, August 17, 2009

Okay play time's over.....

Well it's that time again. School time. Monday August the 10th Prestons days of sleeping in were over. He began the first grade. It was sad. He is no longer the baby in school anymore. But it was still exciting going into the new classroom with alot of his friends. He is excited and I hope he does just as well this year as he did last year. Here are a few picture from that day.
Preston all ready to leave for school.

First morning to get up early in a looong time.
The new back pack
A picture of me and my big boy.

Little Miss Ava waiting on Big Brother Jack

For some reason my computer is running WAYYYYYY slow and right now I have no patients to take 2 minutes per picture to ad a caption. Sorry. But those were a few of the pictures of the events of First day of First grade. I still can't believe I have a child that is 6 years old. I am so blessed with all that I have. Kelly is fitting in perfectly in 12th grade. She has made a lot of friends and I am so proud of all that she has accomplished just in the short amount of time since she has been here.She will be baptized this Sunday which makes my heart just swell up with happiness. If that was the only thing that came from her coming here to me that would be enough. Knowing she has eternal salvation and that she is with family makes me so happy. I am blessed to be given this opportunity to take her in my home and be a part of this chapter in her life. I know that she will do great things and accomplish her goals and I am just as happy as if were my own child. She is such a blessing to my family. I couldn't imagine her being anywhere else.

I hope you all have a great weekend


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