Thirty One by LeighAnne

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's been a weekend I tell ya

Well where do I begin. I will start with Thursday. I went to the Neurologist and he is trying to ween me off some of my medicine and try a new one to control my head aches so pray this works. Friday I cut grass for Josh cause he is working so much I thought this would cheer him up but i just flared up a nasty sinus infection. And that night Preston had a baseball game and WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!! First game all year. And those little fellas played their hearts out. I was so proud of them. Then Saturday we had a practice at 9 am. And then we went to Flatwoods church for a block party. The kids loved it. They had a ton of activities for them and the kids all got their hair painted. I took a few pictures. See below. I wasn't feeling the best so we left early but never the less they had a blast and got their energy out for the day. I wish there was more of those type activities for the kids to do more often around here. It was great and you didn't have to worry about any bad influences being around.

KP and Ace after she painted his hair
Ali Paige and Andrew after their hair painting

Preston and Austin striking a pose after their hair painting

AliPaige and her purple and Pink hair in Progress

Preston and his Orange hair in Progress!!!

Well We had a good weekend for the most part. Until today. I had a horrible headache and felt pretty sick. So I called mama to come get me and take me to the doctor. I had to call KP and get her to take the two older ones to church they cried cause they cried when they found out we couldn't go to church. Which is great. I want my children to love to go to church. But I hate I couldn't be the one to take them. But never the less I had to go to the doctor and ended up with an ear infection, sinus infection, throat infection and a migraine. I got two shots and two prescriptions. Hopefully I will feet better tomorrow. I already feel a little better just woozy from the medicine.I have teacher appreciation this coming up week and I hope and pray that Mrs. Chapman will love all her goodies prepared for her. I so love what all she has done for Preston. He has turned into this little smarty pants and I couldn't ever imagine him being like this. I guess you never expect for your children to turn out as good as you want for them to. I pray that Ali Paige and Ace follow in his footsteps and will be just as smart as he is. I love how our school experience has started off and hope it continues to be this great. But it saddens me to think he won't get out til he is grown. :( But that's the circle of life I guess. Well I need to hit the sack getting a little tired. Good night and God Bless to everyone I hope you all have a great week.

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Jamie said...

Sorry to hear that you have been sick again.