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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Okay Mama please don't kill me.

Friday we went to town to get hair cuts for the boys and pick up some last minute things for baseball. It was me and Tina, and her two boys Hunter and Brady and then Ace and Preston. Ali Paige stayed at home with Josh. We went to Academy and Super Sports to get some under armor shirts for the boys. Then what is a trip to town without a stop at TACO CASA for some lunch. And last but not least we got hair cuts. Here is a few pictures of Ace after we got to MawMaws. Okay here comes the part where I don't want mama to kill me. Take a deep breath Tina.......
Yes yes it is. A MOHAWK!!
Up close and personal

Cheese. I'm loving this hair.

Trying to take his shirt off

This past Friday we started our first All-star season. We have been practicing A LOT. And it has paid off. Preston has improved 500% just since starting all-star practice. He is hitting the ball consistently and pretty far if I say so my self. He is also doing a wonderful job in right field. He is gaining good self esteem, and confidence in himself. Which I wish every kid could have gained this past season. He is so proud to be on this team and I am truly one proud mama. He hit a home run in the last game we had on Saturday and I wish I could have captured that smile he had. Everyone in the stands was telling him what an awesome job he did and you could just see it all over his face. Proud is not a good enough word for what I am towards Preston.

Ali Paige and her big smiles

Preston all geared up and ready

We decorated the Yukon

Okay I know it's not all that great but we show our support

Ali Paige showing her happy side for the All-Star game

This was the only time that everything looked so nice.

Preston right before his FIRST All-Star game.

Hayden trying to stay cool in the 103 degree weather.

Preston warming up

#15 Preston Gregory up to bat

And he makes contact. Go baby....

Preston in the Right Field. Doing his job.

Preston and Hunter Jones.

Good Game, Good Game, Good Game- You bet it was.

Front row-Dain Fry, Tanner Bailey, Jeremy Booth, PRESTON GREGORY, Hunter Jones, Hayden Dyer Back Row- Jacob Hudson, Colby Porter, Johny Bajarano, Kade Wallin, Sawyer Perrigen, And Bennett Davis

It was Hayden's Birthday so he got his birthday licks from the team.

Ali Paige

This past week Ali Paige learned to swim all by herself under water. She was so super proud of herself she kept telling EVERYONE ( even people she didn't know) what new trick she learned. I am proud of her and hopefully she will be swimming above water before the summer is over.

Still holding that nose

Way to go Ali Paige

And back to the steps

Just a little Bit more

Here are a few more pictures just from swimming this week. We have been having so much fun at the pool. I am going to hate it when we have to stop going. The kids just love knowing that they will get to go in the morning. And we just get up and go. We are normally the first one's there ( other than the guy that comes and swims after he gets off work in the morning) and we stay all day. But unfortunately me and Ali Paige are paying for it today. I have 2nd degree sunburn on my shoulder and Ali Paige's face is yucky looking to.But I have bought a TON of sunblock and I think I have found something that will work now.

Ali Paige and Brady just enjoying the sun

Ali Paige and Summer. Ali Paige was NOT happy about having her picture made. I don't know why. She is normally such a ham for the camera .

Ace just checking out the scenery.

Kissy face!

He's so sweet. Hopefully he will get farther than the steps into the pool


What do you see Mr. Ace???

Well that's all for today. Sorry for such the long spaces in between the last few blogs. It's been a mad house around here. But I am loving it. These kids are only young once and I want them to fully enjoy their life. I want them to look back and say we had the best summers ever. And then I will know I did my job.

Hope you have a great week.


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