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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Out with the old and in with the New.

Well here is the old Yukon. It's been a good car I suppose but it was time to say good bye. It brought home two of my precious babies from the Hospital, helped us move from the trailer to our new house, many , many , many trips to the hospital and emergency room and also bringing my sister to live with us. It was sad to see it go. Just because of all the memories that were made in it.


OH how happy I was to drive home my 2009 GMC Acadia. I can depend on it and I absolutely love it. Here is a glimpse of my new car. I LOVE IT!!!!





Well if you couldn't tell I am so excited about having a new car. I feel more comfortable in the fact that on our long trips to Huntsville and Birmingham with Ace that my car will crank and not fall apart when I get there. I love this new vehicle. God has blessed me once again. I had a wonderful salesman named Daryl Hale and if anyone ever needs a new car go see him at Barkley GMC. He wasn't pushy and he worked with us until we could get in this vehicle comfortably and he was not pushy at all. I didn't think those salesman existed but they do. Thanks Daryl.

I also got to go today to the Gordo's first Cross Country meet at Sokol park. It was their first time and I am proud of all of them . Kelly wasn't eligible to qualify as a runner but she did the course anyway and I am so proud of her. She wasn't in the top group that came through but she finished and so did all of the other Gordo team members. I think they will have a great year and this is just the beginning. We went to wings afterwards and Starbucks. It was a great day now I am off to Cypress inn and bowling with Ricky and Susan.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


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Leah said...

Getting a new car is always so exciting. :-D Congrats! :-D