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Friday, June 12, 2009

I know I know......

Okay I know it's been a while since I posted. Sorry. We have been busy with baseball practice, doctors appointments, and VBS. We have had baseball practice 3 days this week and the team is really shaping up. We practiced at 3:30 pm and YES it was HOTTTTT. Then on Tuesday I had a neurologist appointment and Wednesday Ace had a Asthma appointment. Both went really well no big changes. Ace still has to stay on the nebulizer twice a day and inhaler every time we go outside or play excessively. Okay does anybody know how a 2 yr old doesn't play excessively.
But then we have had VBS since Monday. We have had between 140-160 attendance this week so far. Which is GREAT. But it makes a LOT of kids in every room. I had the 2 and under group. We only had 7 kids so far but we have 4 teachers so it has been really great. Josh has had the 5th and 6th grade with Jimmy Jones. They have had 15-20 a night. He has really enjoyed it. We have had 3 kids get saved so far which if one got saved it makes the whole process worth all the tiredness and stress. We have had supper every night, music by Miss Tina Jones who is doing a great job teaching these kids all the VBS songs, crafts by Lindsey and Leslie, and Missions by Kimberly Posey. So the kids have been very busy while we are there. Now it's Friday night and our class was supposed to play outside in the pool and sprinkler but it's raining. JUST great. You can't really hold 2 year olds attention for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. I'm sure we will manage. Well here are some pictures from this week so far...

Brady was TERRIFIED of the puppets Oscar and Olivia.

Mostly the girls danced.

AliPaige and Grace

AliPaige learning the Boomerang Express song.

Ace going head first down the slide

Brady Jones. He is just like a miniature Jimmy Jones. You just have to know Jimmy.

Ace doing his CHEESE pose.

Miss Emily. She was one of my favorites. I could just eat her up she is so cute.

Ace and Nannie watching Oscar and Olivia.
This is our sweet group. Along with Miss Kimberly, Lauren and Tracey

AHHHH cousinly love
Some of the kids co-operated and some just didn't
Merridith just going along with the program. She was sooo cute
AliPaige and Faith. I just LOVE their faces.
During the closing service. He was a little too excited to stay still

Ace was just peeking out the top of the swing set. Little blurry but he was moving

This was Preston's class. YES ALL 40 of them. Poor Miss Brenda
Meredith pointing to JESUS!!
One of Ace's crafts. It's his little hand with paint. He helped can't you tell.

This is Emily. Isn't she precious. She is tooo cute. And one of the sweetest children.

AliPaige and Meridith trying to figure out what to do.

Kids in motion. AliPaige was doing the choo choo train
Preston paying attention to the song leader.

Well that's about all of VBS for now. But I promise there will be more we have a swimming party Sunday. And I really want a picture of the kids and their shirts. We made shirts with their hands on one side and it said take my hand and... and on the back it said follow me to Jesus and it had their feet. Really cute but it took forever to do. Two year olds don't have much of an attention span. I hope that everyone had a blessed week like I have.


OHHH YEAH... Almost forgot

And on another note. Awhile back I asked you to pray for this little baby whose button was on the right on my screen. Well the " MOM " of April Rose made the whole story up. She used the " blogging " world to get money and sympathy and notoriety all from a fictitious story. There were many involved that believed her and helped this woman but in the end it just goes to show you got to be care full who you chose to help.


Jamie said...

Looks like you have all had a great time at Vacation Bible School this week.

Alyson said...

I'm now following YOU!!!! :0)....he he he ......Sorry I can't believe I wasn't following you sooner!!! Maybe my computer was being "dramatic" that day and it wouldn't let me :0)

Who's doing "His Will Wednesdays" now???