Thirty One by LeighAnne

Friday, March 6, 2009

All About Ace

This one is all about Ace. We went to the Allergy doctor yesterday and he was diagnosed with ASTHMA. So we go to get his medicine and equipment and it was $140.00. It's only just one more thing to add to his list of diagnosis. He has now such a list of problems I hate going to the doctors and having to fill out the medical lists. He has had more doctors that Josh and I combined. A neurologist, Neonatalogist,urologist, gastrointerologist, Cardiologist,ENT and ENTspecialist, Orthodist, orthopedist, physical therapist, speech therapist, special instruction therapist, Allergy and Asthma specialist. The trips to Children's for testing and the Trips to Huntsville to the neurologist are not that easy to co-ordinate with two other children. But when you have a Child with so many problem you will do what ever it takes to make them as normal as possible and let them live a life as normal as possible. I have more medicine in my cabinet for him that myself. He takes his breathing treatments and inhalers like a pro. I know he could be much worse and things are not as bad as others have it and I am so thankful for that. People ask me sometimes "How do you do it" And all I can say is you adapt. When you have healthy children you just go about your business like normal but when you have a special needs child you just deal with it. It's my normal. I love Ace and he is a special child and I know that God gave him to me for a reason and one day His testimony will glorify God to the highest. Because it has truly enhanced mine. Ace gave me strength I didn't know I had and he has opened my eyes to another world. God's grace is sufficient. And if his can be so can mine. I know the ultimate plan is set in stone and I can't change it so I just go with the flow. I love my child no matter what problems he does have and even if they were worse I would love him the same because in my eyes he's perfect and I know one day the world will see him that way too.

Have a Blessed weekend


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