Thirty One by LeighAnne

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a week

Well it's been a rough week around here. Josh has been working nothing but nights so I feel like a single mom. Monday I did get to go to the beauty shop and get my hair done. Different color and much shorter. ( No pictures. Sorry the kids lost my battery charger to the digital camera) Then it begins to rain and rain and rain. Tuesday we have a unscheduled practice and let me tell you THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A GOOD SEASON. Not because the kids aren't good it because of the lack of coaching. There are a lot of kids that are first time " coach pitch' players and the Coach doesn't seem to care weather they are playing baseball or catching butterflies. The poor kids have no direction from our " Head coach" but luckily we have two awesome assistant coaches that are trying their best to help. Wednesday I call and find out NO ONE has even thought to make a banner for the team so I try to take on the job myself but with three kids wanting to help it just didn't go as I planned. But never the less I got it done. Today we had a field trip to see the Wizard of Oz in Birmingham and let me tell you I had more fun on the ride up there than at the actual play. BORING!!!!!!!!!! I at least got a short nap in. But afterwards we got to go see Miss Brandy and her brand spanking new baby Ava Grace Keating. Which by the way was a whopper. She entered the world at 9lbs even. And a head full and I mean FULL of black hair. But mom and baby are doing exceptionally well. After we get home I am running around trying to find our "Coach" to get uniforms cause the jamboree is TOMORROW. and Come to find out he doesn't care weather we get them or not. ( INSERT IDIOT!!!!!) But luckily we got ours cause one of the neighbors was up there handing out his teams uniforms and picked up the whole neighborhoods and passed them out. Well I get home and TRY to clean up but no luck there. The kids were all crying and screaming about SOMETHING. As I try to cook and pay bills and do the dishes I notice my " team Poster has GREEN marker drawings all over it. OKAY we are navy blue and Red. NO GREEN!!!!!!!! at this point I am ready to just say forget supper and everyone go to bed. Because after I get supper fixed ( taco's at the request of Preston) All of a sudden he doesn't want the kind I cooked and AliPaige decided she hates taco's. So more crying and whining. AliPaige is actually standing here right now crying cause I'm a bad mom and cooked Taco's and her daddy isn't here to fix it.I just pray that tomorrow will be a better day. Cause my nerves for the week ran out yesterday.

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