Thirty One by LeighAnne

Sunday, March 1, 2009

WHAT could it be ?????? SNOW IN GORDO

Okay so I get home pretty late last night and it was all quiet in the house with the kids at my moms. I go to sleep thinking AHHHH I will get to sleep in. WRONG!! I get a wake up call at 7:30 and it's AlPaige saying IT"S SNOWING MOMMY. SO I get up and sure enough there is a white blanket everywhere. SO I decide to go straight to moms and get them so they can enjoy the snow at home. IT was so pretty but by the time I get home most of it had gone but there was just enough to build a little snowman out on the back porch.. So I thought I would share a few pictures. I hope your family got to enjoy this once in a blue moon event as well.


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