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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AliPaige's first field trip to the Fire Station

Yesterday we got to take AliPaige on her first field trip to the fire station. Which she loved. She got to see a fire truck go out on a run and one coming in from one. So she got to see all the flashing lights and sirens. She got to sit in the fire truck and play with some of the stuff . She got to " hang " on the pole. and then she got to dress up in a fire suit. She was so cute.
I had a horrible headache yesterday and had to leave the field trip early but luckily Miss Lisa figured out a way for AliPaige and Ace to go with her so they wouldn't miss out. But after I got home Josh had to take me to the doctor and get a shot. And it was crazy at the doctors office. I had to wait 2 hours in the waiting room in much pain and there was a screaming child and his mom just screamed back at him. Making it a LOOOONNNNGGG wait. But after I got my medicine and went to check out as soon as I stood up for a minute I almost lost it luckily the nurse was there to catch me and I had to go lay back down for about 15 more minutes and I don't remember anything after that. But I feel much better now. Josh has taken the two older kids fishing and me and Ace are just hanging out. It's been a long week and weekend so I think we are going to take it as a lazy day today. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
God Bless

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Ryan, Laura and Grace said...

Hey girl, if you feel like you missed out on her day and wanted to do it again, my step-dad is a firefighter/driver of the truck in Tuscaloosa. I am sure he could hook you guys up for a tour, though it might not be as exciting as her first day. They have a little bit more quieter station than most. I hope your headaches are gone and you are back to having a great week.