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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Birthday time at the Gregory's

Well it's that time of year at the Gregoy's. Well it happens to come around quite a bit with 5 in the family but we get to have two birthday's this month. And this is a little something special we did for Josh. He is at work tonight and me and the kids decided to fix him a little birthday surprise when he gets in at 5:30 in the morning. The first pictures are what the kids and I made for his birthday book.The next one is the actual books I got for him to go in the bag. The next is actually what he will see when he opens the door first thing. Also I got him a little cake of his own that I am going to give him at Ace's birthday . SHHHH it's a secret. Speaking of Ace's birthday I am getting everything ready for that as well. I have just about gotten all I need. Me and KP went to town today and bought all his decorations and food and not to mention presents. I can't wait. But I am a little sad cause there aren't many people coming. I guess Spring Break just wipes everyone out. But never the less it's my baby's birthday and the show must go on. He is so sweet. He is now telling everyone he loves them and when he went to bed tonight he told everyone " night night Aa paisha, night night Peston" he has his own words for them. But he is growing so much with his speech and that is such a blessing. I can't believe how far along he has come just in the past few weeks. I know God's working with him but now we just got to get to work on those legs. He can run and I mean RUN fast. But when he gets to going he will get up on his toes and drag his right foot and that causes many falls. But it will all work out in the end. Just got to keep praying. Well I need to get myself in the bed I got a big day tomorrow with getting the church ready for his party.
Good night and I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

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Jamie said...

Happy Birthday to your boys - the Big One and the little one. :)

Hope you have a fun weekend celebrating!!