Thirty One by LeighAnne

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well it's not always what we expect.

Preston up and ready for the swing
AliPaige and Faith
Dugout Madness
That's my boy

Preston running out during line up

Most of the Team all ready to walk out

Me and the newest member of the Keating family Miss Ava Grace

Only Hours old.

Me and Preston UP CLOSE and personal
Well we are all just having a ball in the Gregory house right now.
Well we started our Baseball season Saturday. In the cold rainy yucky weather. And it's not exactly what I was expecting. Our little team didn't win or even score. But They played their best. They will get better. I am very proud of Preston. Tonight he actually got a double out! And he was playing a spot he's not use to. I hope and pray that this season will end better than it started.
Also yesterday we took Ace to Huntsville to the Neurologist. And didn't get any answers. He wants to run more test and also send us to the Rheumatologist. I have no Idea why or even who that person is and what they do. But I do know something has got to give. He is still having trouble with his right arm and leg. It hasn't locked up like before thank goodness but still whining and crying in pain isn't going to cut it. I am tired of running in circles and going from doctor to doctor. I pray that this one will answer our questions and figure out a simple way to fix the problem. And on the way home I was in my own little world in the Yukon and I look up and there are the " BLUE " lights no one wants to see. And yes he got me and gave me a ticket. Just another thing to worry about. Josh said I have to start picking up cans to pay for it. So I guess I need to get to work HUH.
Josh started his shut down at work so he will be working ALOT for the next 21-31 days and I'm sure he will be a happy camper in about OH 5 days. Well that's about it for us for now.
God bless everyone and I pray you have a great rest of the week.
P.S. I have a special prayer request. There is someone very dear to me going through a rough time and she needs alot of prayers right now and she needs to lean on her family for the support to get through this time in her life. If you just pray God will know who it is. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you on Sunday! I am praying for you and your family! Brandy's little girl is adorable!! I can't get over that hair!